Ways to Honor Your Child This Holiday

On Sunday, I asked our beautiful community for ideas about ways to honor our children, and did you guys ever deliver! I thought it would be helpful to compile everything into one list, so here it is —

Hanging a Personalized Stocking. This is a great way to include your child in the holiday and provide space for your living children to remember and talk about their sibling. Grandparents can also do this at their home along with their other grandchildren’s stockings.

Ornaments for your Christmas Tree. There are some amazing options out there for your tree including some from our friends at Laurelbox, Little Winged Ones and Luminous Light Studio.

Decorating a Smaller Tree with Ornaments in Their Memory. I love this idea so much, and it is also a great way to incorporate living children by decorating or making the ornaments for their sibling.

Setting a Place at Your Holiday Table. I really liked this one also, and it feels like a nice way to remind any family or friends that may be joining you for the holidays that your child is still very much a part of your traditions.

Attending Local Events That Honor Babies Not With Us. This is a great way to connect with our bereaved families in your area as well as remember your little one.

Sponsoring Gifts for a Child in Need. My husband and I began doing this this year, and it was difficult, but felt very rewarding. We sponsored a one year old little girl from our local Salvation Army Angel Tree for Madison, and a four year old little boy for our son Reeves. There are lots of great opportunities in your local community and nationally to help children in need this season, and we felt like this was a nice way to remember and honor Madison.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to honor your child. What works this year may not work next year or in the years to come. Follow your heart and do what feels right for you.

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