Donation Terms and Conditions

Madison’s Closet is inspired by my beautiful daughter Madison, and in honor of all of the sons and daughters of my fellow sisters in loss.

Our mission is to provide love and support to moms who share this path by providing complimentary donated clothing to help them reclaim their self confidence. We also offer apparel and other items for purchase with the goal of spreading hope and love.

We accept donated apparel which is then provided to moms who have experienced the loss of child.

Madison’s Closet is a 501(c)(3) and any donation made is┬átax deductible.

Madison’s Closet will make every effort to ensure your donated clothing is given to a mom in need. We make no guarantee that the clothing will be matched to someone in need – we rely on the honesty of the moms soliciting help through the site.

We ask that all clothes donated are clean and in good condition. Any clothes received that are not at our standard or are not used by our moms within a certain period of time will be donated to another women’s charity or organization.

We cannot accept undergarments as donations unless they are brand new with tags attached.

We gladly accept brand new clothing in addition to donations.

Any clothing received by Madison’s Closet becomes the property of Madison’s Closet and cannot be returned to the donating party.