5 years. 1,825 days.

I still have not gotten used to the idea that you are not here with us.

So much about our family has changed – you have two younger brothers, one extremely spoiled dog. The most amazing and loving older brother who tells me he sees you in the things he sees around the house or outside. He says I can’t see you, but you come to see him.

Every other person I have loved and lost in my life is frozen in time. My Dad is 65 years old in my mind not one minute older.

Not you.

Madison, you are 5 glorious years old. Every day that goes by you age and grow. I see you running with sticky, sweaty, strawberry curls. Mouth wide open as you laugh so hard. Your eyes are closed – face looking up at the beautiful fall sky. You are feisty and sweet with just enough sass to keep you safe until your brothers show up to settle things down. Your heart is open and kind.

How my heart aches for you.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you.

I want you to know you are such an important part of our family and this world. Your brothers know you, they ask about you, they say your name. You have brought the most amazing and strong women in to my life. You have taught me so much.

I can’t believe you are 5 years old.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl,

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