Being Simply Abundant

I have been reading this amazing book called Simple Abundance every morning. It has these really digestable pages or two daily essays, that are focused around women and self care and gratitude. Some mornings it is just exactly what I need to be simply abundant, and a few weeks ago, there was a message so powerful to me that I wrote down and have read it nearly everyday every since.

Today, we must start to recover our sanity. The way we do this is to concentrate slowly on completing one task at a time, each hour of the day, until the day is over. Like the members of twelve-step programs, we will act “as if” we are serene (think Grace Kelly), by bringing all our attention and conscious awareness to whatever we are doing—from brushing our teeth to putting the children to bed. What we will gain from this exercise is the inner peace that comes from living fully in the present moment.

This. I can’t put into words how much I want and need to be consciously aware of what I am doing. How many days have passed without me being present? How many days have I moved from task to task not giving myself fully to anything, all in the effort to get it done and go on to the next?

The image of Grace Kelly was a powerful one for me too. She conjures up a vision of someone calm, collected, and unfazed by stressful situations. When I think of her I think of her moving gracefully from one thing to the next with a softness as if she is floating on air. Filled with peace and kindness, being simply abundant. The complete opposite of me somedays if I am honest!

Having an affirmation or quote written down like this, is one way that I am able to remind myself of something powerful that I have read or seen that really resonated with me. Being simply abundant is really difficult is this digital, Amazon prime, social media world that we live in. Reminders like this, really help me to keep working towards being the person I want to be.

With love and abundance,




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