Why You Should Take The Clothes

One of the biggest struggles I have when I am talking to our brave sisters in loss about Madison’s Closet is convincing them why they should take the clothes. I understand it. As a woman who went through this after a loss and battled body image issues for my entire life, I know why you don’t want to. I write this today for you and for me….

Don’t Wait for the Weight

Throughout our lives, we spend (ahem…waste) a LOT of time waiting for the weight. We convince ourselves that life will feel better and be better once we are the “right” size. One of the number one reasons moms don’t want to take clothes from Madison’s Closet is because they are in the process of or planning to lose the weight gained during their pregnancy. Sister, I support you and I think focusing on your health and fitness when it is the right time for you is exactly what you should do. But….

You deserve to look and feel good now!

You are strong and beautiful and capable, and have been through hell and back. I found myself lacking confidence and filled with self loathing after losing Madison. Clothing may seem like a very shallow need following the loss of a child. The truth is, an outfit that feels good and fits well can make all the difference with a woman whose confidence has been shattered. You deserve to look and feel as beautiful as you are NOW!

What Grief Does To Your Body

Grief does a number on you physically. Disrupted sleep, loss of appetite, a weakened immune system, low energy, the list goes on. Combine that with the fact that you are also going through postpartum and it can make it difficult, if not impossible, to start any physical change no matter how hard you work at it. This does not mean you should not try; what it means is that you should not push. Listen to your body, love yourself as much as you can, and take small steps to take care of yourself emotionally.

But wait, I can afford clothes. I shouldn’t take these and should leave them for those who may need the assistance more than I do.

Madison’s Closet is creating a community and we are helping each other. The women who donate clothing to the closet do so knowing who these clothes will go to help. Every piece is filled with love and prayers and TRUST ME, they don’t have that on the rack at Target. If you feel compelled to do so you can pay it forward by giving the clothing back once you no longer need it, sponsoring a box, or donating from your own closet so other women have things to choose from!

What if I start losing weight?

As your size changes, you can very easily swap out for a different size. Simply return the clothing you no longer need and place an order for clothing in your new size. It’s as easy as that! The same goes for change of seasons, change of climates, change of style. We want you to take what you need.

Listen, I don’t have any reason to look nice. I don’t even want to go out of my house of be around anyone.

Oh how I feel this one. I found my greatest comfort within my own four walls and it took a long time for me to want to be around anyone other than my husband, son and immediate family. When I did finally feel like going to have a coffee or lunch with a friend (or just going to the grocery store), I realized that my extremely worn out yoga pants were not suitable for public (or even private) view anymore. Eventually you will feel like looking and feeling nice again, and when that day comes I want you to have something beautiful to wear. Something that fits and flatters and makes you feel proud of the amazing woman that you are.

If you have received clothing from us, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Leave a comment below and help me convince our sisters in loss why they should take the clothes.

If you have experienced a loss and are in in need of clothing, please click here to visit the closet to see our current inventory of clothing.

With love & light,

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